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Our HT-2288 UHF wireless meeting microphone system is ideal for mobile conference system. It features compact structure, simple operation and high flexibility and reliability. This conference system can be used in any meeting room without wiring and can be connected to multiple devices.

1. The wireless conference system HT-2288 supports the Limit (1/2/3/4), FIFO (1/2/3/4) and Chairman Only modes. One system  can support 1000 microphones for discussing and 256 microphones for video tracing, among which 5 microphones can be turned on at the same time.
2. The microphone can be powered by the built-in rechargeable battery. The battery could last approximate 8 hours for conversation and 30 hours when standby.
3. For this wireless conference system, there is no need to connect it to the conference units. This system can be quickly installed without troublesome arrangement.
4. This system adopts multi-channel high band and intermediate band frequency selective filtering to fully eliminate the interference signal.
5. Its built-in feedback eliminating technology can effectively decrease the feedback and noise.
6. The built-in multiple noise cancelling circuit and TONE-LOCK system are used to make sure the strong anti-jamming function of the system.
7. This HT-2288 series uses the chips and components with perfect performance and adopts SMD original mount design, enhancing the product quality and stability.
8. The farthest distance of operation can be up to 80 meters at its best, 60 meters under normal conditions.

HT-2288R Receiver Unit

1. Its supported modes include Limit (1/2/3/4), FIFO (1/2/3/4) and Chairman Only.
2. There is a 160×32 matrix LCD for displaying system information.
3. Even if powered off, the receiver of the wireless conference system can control the microphone status like clear or shut off all microphones.

HT-2288c/d, HT-2288Nc/Nd Microphone Unit

1. The portable table can be unfolded and the microphone pipe can be pulled out.
2. This HT-2288c/d microphone unit of wireless conference system is equipped with windshield cover and capacitor microphone.
3. The LCD is used to display the following information including microphone ID, battery level, microphone state, control channel, etc.
4. It is equipped with microphone on/off key and indicator. There are three functional keys to set microphone ID, control channel, volume level and battery status.
5. When the receiver is turned off, the microphone will power off or enter into the standby mode.

Apart from the functions of the delegate unit, the chairman unit also has other following functions.

1. You can turn on the chairman microphone at any time.
2. One system supports 16 chairman microphones at most.
3. Its major function is to turn off delegate microphones by priority key at any time.
4. The chairman only mode is that the delegate microphone can not be turned on again after we pressed the priority button of chairman microphone. Then the delegate microphone won't work until the chairman microphone is turned off.

HT-2288B Battery Charger

1. Input Voltage: AC110V/240V/50Hz~60Hz
2. The intelligent charging management electro circuit could protect the LIP battery.
3. The HT-2288B battery charger of the wireless conference system is equipped with extendible handle and pulley, making it easy to move.
4. It supports charging of 16 pieces of battery synchronously.

Technical Specification

System Parameter
1. Carrying frequency: UHF 740MHz-790MHz/610.00MHz-659.75MHz
2. Oscillation mode: PLL technology
3. Frequency stability: <+/-10PPM
4. T.H.D: <0.5%
5. Frequency response: 60Hz-16 kHz
6. Dynamic range: >105dB

Receiver Parameter
1. Carrying frequency: UHF 740MHz-790MHz/610.00MHz-659.75MHz
2. Power adapter voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz
3. DC input voltage: DC12V, 800mA
4. S/N Ratio: > 105dB
5. T.H.D.: <0.5%
6. Frequency response: 60Hz-16 kHz
7. Dimension: 2 U rack 19"
8. N.W: 7kg

Transmitter Microphone Parameter
1. Carrying frequency: UHF 740MHz-790MHz/610.00MHz-659.75MHz
2. Modulation mode: FM
3. Length of gooseneck: 400mm
4. Power supply: 4.5V
5. Frequency response: 60Hz-16 kHz
6. Dimension (mm): 165×123×55.
7. N.W: 0.7kg

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