HT-D1000 Digital Network Audio Processor

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This digital network audio processor is a closed-loop feedback control system, which can make the fixed phase relationship between the PLL output and a reference signal. It consists of discriminator, charge amplifier, and low pass filter, voltage control oscillator and output converter, and could completely avoid network duplex echo.

This product is equipped with USB terminal. It comes with efficient implementation, which reduces the network inherent noise and inhibits the multi-party conference echo. Since its good performance in eliminating feedback and echo, this product has been widely used in local conference and teleconference.

1. This digital network audio processor could completely eliminate echo, transmit the local signal at the same time and support fully duplex at any time.
2. The howling caused by acoustic feedback can be suppressed.
3. Its unique dynamic adaptive noise filter can filter background noise without affecting the speaker's voice, which improves the signal to noise ratio. Thus, the sound quality is improved.
4. With the most advanced signal processing system, this product can be perfectly connected to other conference equipments for network conference, audio and video teleconference without debugging.
5. The power could be supplied through the computer USB interface and there is no need of other extra power.


Character Sampling rate
Single chip USB interface Analog/Digital converter: 32, 44.1, 48kHz
Immediately audio generator Analog/Digital converter: 8,11.025,16,22.05,32,44.1,48kHz
Full Compliance with USB1.1 Single power supply: 5V
With programming, local descriptor Analog/Digital converter: 8,11.025,16,22.05,32,44.1,48kHz
USB repeat adaptation mode THD + Noise=0.01%
USB record asynchronous mode SNR=89dB
USB bus 5V power supply Dynamic range=89dB

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