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No cabling is needed for the wireless voting system. It is suitable for meetings without pre-assigned seating arrangements or for temporary systems. With its advanced technology, stability and reliability, the HTDZ wireless voting system has been used successfully in many applications.

Wireless Voting Processor HT-WB8800

1.Built-in digital voting CPU.
2. It supports 2000 voting units at most in one system.
3. In combination with the corresponding software modules, multiform voting can be implemented:
a. Voting function (yes, no, abstain)
b. Electing function (single-ballot and multiple-ballot)
c. Scoring (100, 75, 50, 25, 0)
4. The count results are automatic, within 1 second after ballot.
5. The wireless voting processor of the wireless voting system can communicate with the equipment by RJ45 interface.

Wireless Voting Unit HT-WD8800A

1. The wireless voting system wireless voting unit offers FHSS: 64 selectable channels
2. It offers telecommunications ways of wireless telecommunication, confidentiality agreement, and multiple proofreading.
3. It has ad graphic LCD bilingual display.
4. Sensitivity:-121dBm.
5. The wireless voting system wireless voting unit has real-time battery level display and a lower battery beep alarm.
6. It offers transmitting power consumption of < 10mw.
7. Signal display: Signal level display while communication.
8. It offers key press sign-in.
9. The wireless voting system wireless voting unit offers two voting ways: First key-press or last key-press.

Wireless Voting Signal Station HT-WA8800J

Use for connecting the wireless voting processor to transmit and receive signal.

Wireless Voting Unit Charger Case HT-WG8800

1. The wireless voting unit charger case is used for charging voting units.
2. It offers high efficiency switch mode.
3. The input voltage is AC110V/240V, 50Hz~60Hz.
4. The wireless voting unit charger case charges 32 pieces of voting unit per charging.
5. Its dimensions are 620mmx370mmx210mm.

As a professional wireless voting system manufacturer based in China, we not only provide voting system, but also offer IR language distribution system, microphone equipment, digital video conference system, and so on.

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