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This phantom power unit provides mono balanced output. It is compatible with various phantom powered microphones.

Technical Specifications of the HT-48V, HT-48V2, HT-320F Pro Phantom Power Unit

Model No. HT-48V HT-48V2 HT-320F Power Switcher Unit
Input Power AC 110V/220V AC 110V/220V DC1.5V
Output Power Phantom power 48V Phantom power 48V Phantom power 48V
Output Current 6.5mA 6.5mA 6.5mA
Compatible Phantom power 48V microphone Phantom power 48V microphone Phantom power 48V microphone
N.W. 0.64kg 0.64kg 0.14kg
Input Type XLR×1 XLR×2 XLR×1
Output Type XLR×1 XLR×2 XLR×1
(L ×W×H)mm
160×104×46 160×104×46 Diameter 22
Length 150
Color Black Black Black

We are a specialized microphone equipment manufacturer based in China. Apart from phantom power unit, we also offer microphone mixer, Feedback Suppressor, true diversity UHF wireless microphone system, wireless voting system, and so on.

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