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The digital IR language distribution system is designed for wireless distribution of audio signals using infrared radiation. It can be used in a simultaneous interpretation system for international conferences where multiple languages will be spoken. In order to enable all participants to be able to understand the discussion, interpreters simultaneously translate the speaker’s language as required. These interpretations are distributed trough the conference venue, and delegates select the language of their choice, and listen to it using headphones. The system can also be used for music distribution.

Digital IR Transmitter unit HT-6700M Series

1. A fully digital wireless transmission technology is used, and the system conforms to IEC61603, part 7 standards.
2. A 2-8MHz frequency band eliminates disturbances from all types of lighting systems.
3. The system provides a multiple channels for operation: 4, 8, 12, 16 or 32
4. A powerful compression technique enables an efficient, low loss transmission.
5. High security levels prevent external interference.
6. An elegant configuration is in accordance to ergonomic designs.

Digital IR Radiator HT-6700S

1. The digital IR HT-6700S radiator radiates and distributes up to 32 audio signal channels.
2. The transmission system is more than 30 meters, at 25W.
3. An automatic switch on/off is achieved using carrier signals from a transmitter unit.
4. The radiator is convection cooled for a noiseless, reliable operation.
5. The digital IR radiator can be mounted on ceilings, walls, floor stands or an optional tripod.
6. Multiple systems are easily connected for an expanded coverage.
7. A delay compensation switch is added to compensate for the difference in cable lengths between the transmitter and radiators.
8. The angle of half intensity is ±22°.

Digital Interpreter Unit HT-6700Y Series

1. The digital interpreter unit is designed with the latest technology.
2. The system can work with headset earphones.
3. It supports 4, 8, 12, 16, and 32 channel interpretations.
4. The interpretation system is easy to operate with the press of a single button.
5. It is voice adjustable, and prevention for feedback.
6. When using, ensure that every channel is correspondent to the RELAY function.
7. If delegates speak too fast, users can slow the speed.
8. Interpreter noise interruptions can be prevented.
9. The LCD can display both input and output channels.

Digital IR Receiver HT-6700d Series

1. Pocket size wireless handheld unit
2. Accommodates up to 32 different languages
3. Channel selector and headphone connector
4. Power on/off switch and volume level control
5. Powered by (2 x AA) rechargeable batteries
6. Aluminum carrying cases provided for receivers
7. 2-digit LCD display with battery and reception status indication

IR Receiver Charger Case HT-6700CG

1. Used for charging IR receivers
2. High efficiency switch mode
3. Input Voltage: AC110V/240V/50Hz~60Hz
4. Charges 24pcs of IR receivers per charging
5. Dimension: 45.5×32×34 cm

HT-6700L Repeater

If the distance between the IR transmitter and interpreter unit or one interpreter unit to another is more than 10 meters, the system needs a repeater to boost the signal.

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