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HT-ZP2 Series VFD E-Desk Digital Display System

256x64 VFD screen, for displaying identity information, support name and title turning or single screen display. Character display number is not restricted
The font can be adjusted freely
The position of displayed information can be adjusted freely
The 128x64 Dot matrix OLED can display the name, logo, and other details
The system unit is powered by a controller, support 250 VFD desk units with extension power unit.
The system unit supports IC card reading and software transmission for the data.
Screen displayer supports both Chinese and English

HT-ZP1 TFT E-Desk Display Unit

Front LCD type: 7” TFT 16:9
Resolution: 800x420, 262K color
Back LCD Resolution: 160x32
Dimension: 230x136x96 (mm)
Power Adaptor: 14V/500mA
Battery: 12V/4000mA
Interface: USB/Power Jack

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