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The digital video conference system uses the latest technology to implement discussion, voting, conference sign-in, touch control and video tracking, and is suitable for a variety of mini/medium/large meeting rooms.

Digital Video Conference System-Main Unit HT-6800

1. The power consumption of the main conference system is 400W. Each unit can support 50 delegate and chairperson microphones.
2. The system supports a discussion mode: Free mode, FIFO mode (1-9 microphone unit), and a limit mode (1-9 microphones unit)
3. The video conference system combines both video and audio signals into one cable.
4. The HT-6800 video conference system can be operated with or without a computer.
5. Meetings can be managed using the software, and the system supports a sub-screen display.
6. Our conference system comes with a TFT LCD display panels with a touch control function. ‘
7. It is equipped with 2 group video input interfaces.
8. Five groups of terminal interconnection interfaces are added for microphone connections.
9. There is also a built in RS-232 interface for PC connections.
10. A built in video and voting processor supports video camera auto track and voting functions.

Digital Video Conference System-Microphone Unit HT-9100c/d, HT-9100 Ac/Ad

1. The annular red indicator lamp displays the state of the microphone.
2. This particular video conference system comes with a 2 ARM CPU embedded hardware structure, and CPU clock speed of 400M.
3. The 4.3 inch, 24 bit TFT LCD screen resolution is 480 X272.
4. Supported by touch control, users can both see and set meeting information on the LCD.
5. The video conference microphone system also supports a camera auto track function, and the video can display on the microphone LCD.
6. A portable moving table and a microphone pipe can be pulled out.
7. Listening and speaking are easy with this microphone.
8. The system is equipped with a built-in high fidelity speaker and earphone jack.
9. The microphone is a capacitor microphone, and is equipped with a windshield cover.
10. An extended pipe is optional.
This system includes functions of delegating units, and the chairman’s unit has a priority function to control delegate microphones.

Cable Distribution Case HT-D9100

There are eleven 8P ports on this case. Using this case to connect the microphone in the system can reduce the video signal attenuation to make sure the video image is clear.

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