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    1. DCN-6600 Conference System

      The conference system is composed by a DCN-6600 unit and two kinds of microphones, including one for representatives and one for chairman.

    1. DCN-7300 Conference System

      With latest technology, our HTDZ digital conference system is managed to integrate discussion, voting, simultaneous interpreting (SI) ...

    1. DCN-9500M Fully Digital Conference System

      Powerful and flexible, the HT-9500M fully digital conference system allows both medium and large-scale meetings to be managed with complete control and reliability. The conference system combines PC control, software package ...

Dante series conference system, using an audio over Ethernet technology, allows the delivery of uncompressed, multi-channel, and low-latency digital audio simultaneously. Audio transmitted over cables may be adversely affected by traditional signal transmission problems, like, digital degradation due to long-distance transmission, interference from other appliances or between cables. But thanks to the digital transmission, above problems are well prevented when our Dante series conference system is introduced. Meanwhile, instead of heavy and expensive analog routing and multi-core processor routing, only one piece of CAT5e, CAT6, or optical cable, affordable for everyone and familiar in everywhere, is required in the system. Both media and controlling unit from your system are integrated together in a standard IP internet with the help of our Dante conference system.

If you are looking for an audio networking solution, Dante series conference system will be your ideal choice. And now, it also becomes one of the most preferred networking technologies for professional audio visual equipment manufacturers.

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