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The 350 discussion conference system uses the latest technology to implement discussion and video tracking, and is suitable for a variety of mini/medium type meeting rooms.

Conference System Main Unit HT-3000

1. The main unit of the discussion conference system can support 60 units of delegate and chairman microphone and can be extended to support 200 units of microphone with extension power unit.
2. It is equipped with four groups of 8P-DIN interface for system connecting.
3. The main unit of the discussion conference system has a built-in monitor loudspeaker.
4. It offers system support 1/2/3/5/ free mode.
5. It can support video camera auto-track with video processor HT-8008.
6. Connection: a. 1 pcs 13m main cable with 8PIN plugs
b. 8 PIN socket for system connection

Technical Specifications of the HB-350c/d Conference Microphone Unit

Frequency response: 40Hz-16kHz
Sensitivity: -42dB±2dB
Dimension: 168×145×60(mm)
Length of gooseneck: 420mm
N.W: 0.7kg
Support discuss and video
Chairman with priority button
Built-in inner speaker

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